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Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Mini Farm Week!!" and New Video!!!

This weekend was great I had loads of Fun with Family it was "Mini Farm Week!!" I was extremely exited and at the same time a bit scared it was raining all morning long. But I still had hope, and that hope paid-off I had an amazing time, and even had the time to create a New Video!!! (♥ Please pause my play-list so you could enjoy the video to it’s fullest♥)
It contains on of my favorite songs (plus am in it hahaha!)so I really hope you like it!! Have a brilliant weekend!
I really Hope you all Loved it!!

This song is one of my favorite, I wish the world was like that right this moment., Unfortunately we all know its not that way, but we could all try to be happy and help each other-out right? And we do feel all so well when we share a little Love!!♥
Some Pictures from my lovely day!♥ And lets all be Dreamers!!!!!
I am very sorry, I’ve received many Awards in the past months and haven’t really corresponded appropriately but I promise I will soon, for now I’ll share some of the lovely Awards that have been given to me by amazing Blogger buddies!
♥Take care all of you have a safe weekend and enjoy the rain!! ( I sure am!!)♥
♥Have Fun! And thanks for reading!!!♥


Sena said...

I can't watch your video have you deleted it ? =(((

but your photos are amazing they are so natural and you look cute like always. i love your smile my dear!!!
and the way you express you.. thank you for this great post. i was never at a farm, but i want to be there now !!!
ps: can you speak spanish?

Sena said...

LOVELY VIDEOOOOOOO i love it you are sooooo cute !!!!!
puedo espanol también =) tengo en el escuela muchos besitos mi corazon =) =**

Anonymous said...


Breshna & Rona said...

that looks like so much fun, you look very pretty!

Al said...

that video put the HUGEST smile on my face!!!

you look so happy and free and innocent.

and you could not have picked a better song.

just AMAZING. xxx

Alexxander said...

very pretty!!!! I'm in love with the video... imaginem is one of my favourites songs..really loveee!!! sounds good a weekend in a farm! enjoy baby!!

besos desde españa y suerte con el piano!!!


Amber said...

thanks for your sweet comment girl!
the sun shines here but pretty cold wind!
really nice pictures!
but i can't see the video?
do you have a link to youtube for the video or not?
x amber

My Life Is A Mess said...

LOVE this outfit!

sasha b. said...

thanks for your comment! i know, i wish dresses like that would just appear in my closet too!

Love your lipstick.. so cute!

Monique said...

I LOVE the video..You look so happy and free and..I just love it! I just tried to imagine how you're like in real life..and I think you are amazing! I really do! And thanks for your sweet words on my blog..I'll sure send you some photos of mine next week.. I'm so busy studying this period! But I promise I'll try to make it asap!

Sooo many hugs and kisses !

chelsea rebecca said...

LOVE THAT VIDEO! IT IS SO CUTE! you are so cute! and it brightened my day!! all those pictures are so fun and gorgeous! the sun and the grass! hooray for spring!!

Hillary said...

You are so adorable, and you always brighten my day!

Bridget said...

hi! my first time here - cute blog!

Lia in Strawberry Fields said...

thanks so much! you really made me feel better:) you are so right in the fact that we learn after our mistakes, because today I learned a nice lesson (ouch!) haha
Have a brilliant day too! I hope you'll show us soon your new deer dana t-shirt then ;)
Loved your pictures btw!

Nara said...

The scenery is fantastic! Congratulations on the awards ^^

Taylor said...

I love these outside photos of you! U looks amazing in those layers!!

Hope Chella said...

I love your bag!!!! You have a great blog and I'm looking forward to following you xo

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

jeje your cute!:)

nice blog!

Fashion-Vanity said...

Seems like a lot of fun!
And you look soo pretty!

English Rose ♥ said...

Those photos are great - you are so pretty darling.

I know, i've lost track of all my awards too! But congrats for yours, eachone is so well deserved =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Anonymous said...

me encanta el video:)
me encanta la cancion:)

S and O said...

girl you are just so adorable!!!!
hope your having a great monday so far :)


Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

congrats on the awards!
those farm animals are so cute! :D
my friend would be so envious -- he loves goats!LOL.

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MJ said...

I've got to say, I know this is random but I love your eyebrows! Thick is good. :)

Erin said...

Tehe I'm so jealous of your outfit (that's a good thing) ... I too love the nineties ... vanilla ice OH YEAH :)

Love love love,



souljane said...

I like this stop motion effect... curious, what editing program are you using here?

You are a beautiful person.

Maria José said...

I love the video, very sweet and the song is perfect.
I really like the photos.

Anonymous said...

love your boots! so cool! :D

spring_95 said...

hey Diana its me Carmen your cousin... cool blog any way just wanted to remind you to send me pictures to hope you are really having fun with your blog and don't worry your writing is fine.

spring_95 said...

hi Diana........ its me again.... wanna know if you wanna go to the snow on sunday