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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hello my lovely friends!!! How I wish each and every one of you are doing well and are having a brilliant day!♥

I love this Girl Lily Aldridge; her long brunet hair caught my eye in a Levi’s commercial, after that knowing that with only 18 years of age she was featured in the cover of August 2003 Spanish Vogue!!!

Her style fits her petite figure perfectly; she has a very simple chic style. You could definitely spot her walking with her amazing handsome Boyfriend Caleb Followill with an oversize t-shirt or a comfy cardigan she could also be very fashionable and seductive it’s the perfect combination right?♥


chelsea rebecca said...

she is gorgeous!!
i love her simple laid back style!

Sena said...

she's beautiful ! I like the first picture
she looks so sympathetic =)

Amber said...

Totally love her look girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She has such a naturel beauty!
x amber

Hope Chella said...

Thanks for your sweet comment and have a lovely Tuesday :)

Emma Jade said...

A little like audrey tautou! Shes lovely :)

John Malvin said...

Oh god I just fell in love hahahah.

souljane said...

i LOVE This.

kim said...

she's quite beautiful

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

t.g.s said...

18!? really?!
i could've sworn she was like 22 or something
wow, yeah she's a lucky duck having caleb as her bf
but she is gorgeous

Dennise said...

Caleb! Swoon! Lucky girl! xo