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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Creepy Comparison

Yay!! am ready to get a bit personal (sounds funny but I am) I want all of you to meet my Brother Ian , he is the most handsome guys ever ( well all sisters say the same thing well maybe not Wednesday but most do!) He has adorable eyes and he wont mind watching chick movies with me!! and giving make-up opinions when I steel him so he could come with! he will say “no that doesn’t look good stick to the red”

*He's the best*
I love the shoes but he wont give them to me! they don’t fit but still I want hem!!
He doesn’t mind taking pictures of me sometimes it’s a bit creepy example look at the next picture and you will understand hahaha!!

God I just woke-up IAN!!! you don’t have to do that!!
This one is good!!

He loves coffee how cool is that! am all like “I love Coffee” and he’s like “No I love coffee!”

he takes great pics all the time!! I think I look good in this picture because of him!!
*I think he’s a born Photographer right?*

My computer is not even close to how much I love my brother!! creepy comparison right I should include coffee in that list hahaha!!

*well I hope you like my post and enjoyed reding it Yay!! *
Wow it’s raining so hard that I think I will have an extra-large pool in my back yard!I’ll be honest  am a bit scared ,and I love the rain just imagine that!! I want to thank all my followers and everyone! thanks for the best comments ever!!!


John Malvin said...

AWWW I think it's great that you and you're brother are close!

t.g.s said...

awwww this is beyond adorable
yes your brother's eyes are stunning, god i want those eyes haha
and awwwww he takes pictures of you and you both like coffee and your both just soo awwwwwwww haha
i love that side pic of you, very nice profile shot ;)

Amber said...

your brother is really handsome!!!
and his eyes so beautiful!!!
love your blog!!!
great pictures!!
xoxo amber

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

agree! your brother is born to be a photographer! those pictures are great! I always wanted to have a brother. hahaha

Clara said...

nice blog!
great pics.

Silmi Sabila said...

Your brother's eyes are beautiful! Love this post <3

Anonymous said...

great pics :)
love the posts:)

Sena said...

of course I like your post!!! and you're right. your brother have really adorable eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's cute and a great photographer. but i love my brother too ==)

Jen said...

these pictures are so adorable (and your brother really is handsome ;)) i especially love the one way picture and the one of you with the tree and the lovely blue sky. :)

Sheli said...

I love the pictures!! ;)