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Monday, December 14, 2009

You dont like Raisins? = - 0

How did my weekend go? Well my weekend was far from what I wished it would be, it was freezing and it rained all Saturday plus remember the cold I mentioned well it caught-up with me it was brutal. I really didn’t go out I stayed home lots of hot tea, surfing the internet watched TV and lots of movies and I watched a movie that I love but I don’t want to see it all the time or I will burn it lol! Its “ Benny and Joon” ( you know how I love my Johnny) and I want to share some pictures with you and some additional fun things!

This is my favorite part they have the creepiest conversation ever!

Sam: you don’t like raisins?

Joon : not really

Sam: why?

Joon: they used to be fat and juicy now their twisted, they had their life stolen, well they taste sweet but really they are humiliated grapes, I cant say am a great supporter of the raisins council.

Sam: did you see those raisins on TV the ones that sing and dance and stuff?

Joon: they scare me

Sam: yea, me too

Joon: it’s sick, the commercial people make them sing and dance so we would eat them.

Sam: it’s a shame about raisins

Joon: cannibals

Sam: yea

Sam: do you like avocados

Joon: there a fruit you know?

Sam: rothie do you have any avocados!?

Well I hope you enjoyed this and I hope all of you had lots of fun please tell me what you did this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I love Johnny Depp! <3

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I heart MR Depp

Francheska said...

thats one of my favorite movies ever!!!!!! i love that quote!

- And thank you so much for your comment! I havnt actually worn my bag yet. i´m scared to ruin it hahahahaha! it sounds so lame!
anyways thank you so much once again! x

sahara. said...

Ahhh Johnny Depp ♥
Great post (:

Sahara xo.

kim J said...

your taste in movies is impeccable :-D Johnny Depp is so dreamy<3 lol

thanks for that ultra sweet comment and thanks for following!

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Clothes Are Cute

JULIA said...

benny and joon AND cry-baby? you don't even understand. saw benny and joon, rewound it, watched it again. my brother AND my dad got it for me for xmas last year.
and cry baby? i can't get "please mr. jailer" out of my head, no matter how hard i try... and i saw it about 2 years ago. -_-
we're like the same person! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

Andrea said...

lol JOHNNY! he is soo handsome! :D