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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Love you guys so much!!

This is one of the reasons why I love my blog so much! Getting Awards from wonderful people! Talita from the amazing blog “See it from your Eyeglasses” her blog makes me want to go out and do what she’s doing! Example ; go to the park and push kinds of the swings so I could go on them! ( no I don’t think she would agree with the pushing kinds of swings she’s so sweet, and I wouldn’t do that either hahaha). Thank you again love your blog !
Thanks sweetie! 

Ok ,so I have to write 7 things about me this is what I got!!

1. *I love Dark chocolate , I eat a bar everyday .

2. *I love organic products ,so gentle on the hair and skin, and organic food has the best flavor!!

3. I love dark colors, and I must have rings on my fingers or I feel naked!

4. *I love to drink this funny drink invention ,I make pumpkin tea ( well I don’t make it I buy it haha!!) and I add coffee with soy creamer and Stevia mmmmm it’s the best thing ever( Am so modest haha!)

5. *Am a massive movie junkie I love directors: Joe Write, Tim Burton, Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Steven Spielberg.

6. *I Love 90’s Rock, and the style from the era is amazing, unfortunately I can’t wear it to work! Dang, why Oh why do they do this to me!

7. *I have a Native American, Spanish , and Armenian background, I think that makes my features somewhat exiting!
I will pass this award to!!
*Fashion Atelier
*I want to pass this award to so many of my Dear Readers!! But I have something special for you guys coming soon!! Thanks for reading love you guys!!! * = -)


Noble Beeyotch said...

COngrats on the award!!...I have a massive ring obsession too...i dont feel naked without them but i do love collecting them!

Happy Holidays!

A and A said...

loved ready this... your a gem my dear, a gem.
After each post I was shaking my head in a "ah huh" nature.

xx Amy

betz said...

hey diana! you deserve that award. and when i read about the dark chocolate, i just have to go to the fridge and get one. =)


ps. love your blog! following you!

Allegra said...

wow congrats! love your lace top, btw :)

wish you merry christmas

Vinda Sonata said...

hi dye. thank youuuu for the award dear.

here, i've posted another 7 things about me, do check it out! ♥


Stella Marcella Theresia Nongka said...

Oh gosh! love your hot red lipstick!!
and your lace dress..! ^_^


Stella Marcella Theresia Nongka said...

THANKS SO MUCH dear. ^_^
nice to meet you!
Hope we can be a great friends!

stella : life + love = happiness

Stella Marcella Theresia Nongka said...

I Already link you.. hihihi ^_^

kiss and hug!

Jen said...

i adore dark chocolate as well. congrats on your award!! :)

Silmi Sabila said...

Congrats Dye! You deserve that award. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, anyway :))

Rica said...

mmmmm i love dark chocolates too. your ethnicity is exciting. i don't think i know someone that is the same like yours. you're so unique and congrats with your award :)

p.s. i just followed your blog. if you have time, please visit my site and if you like it, please follow. i would love to hear from you. care to exchange links?


Lilee said...

loving the lace! congrats on the award!

Krimly said...

and I would like to wish you Merry Christmas!!!


CG *FreeLoader* said...

That comment made my day! You are too sweet.
congrats on the award. and you're wearing black lace. Black lace! My fave thing in the world. And red lips. Ahhhh amazing!

Karla Kuzmych said...

Thank you so much for check my blog, and for try speak spanish! hahah. Your spanish isn't bad, but my English... ¡my english sucks! I'm sorry... i'm embarrased wiht this...

I follow you! Me encanta tu blog! Muak

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Congrats and great facts! I love dark chocolate. And white chocolate. And milk chocolate. OKAY I LOVE ALL CHOCOLATE! And your ethnicity is so cool!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy Holidays! Oooh, a dare?! Maybe I'll have to give it a go..

M. said...

that shirt or dress your wearing is gorgeous


hannah elizabeth said...

ha i feel naked without rings too! thanks for the award xo

tracy said...

your blog is cool too! love the content!
and congrats with your award :D
thanks for the spot tips, i'll use them as quick as possible! :D

Breshna & Rona said...

i love your top it's gorgeous! congrats on the award!!

xx Rona & Breshna

t.g.s said...

awww i love your comments
you totally deserve this award
i find it amazingly creepy how similar we are
i'm with you on the whole ring thing, i NEED rings on my fingers haha
i'm following your blog k? your just awesome

Dylana said...

Thank you for the away! I must remember to mention this next post!

Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

Thank U!!! I´m always late! jaja! I have to mention this in next post! Happy Xmas!!!