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Friday, December 18, 2009

And please stay away from goats!

I had so much fun going to B & N, just getting some new things made my day. I got a magazine and a lovely CD of “Pixies” I love them!!! And a movie that I shared with you guys already. And hey i have my lovely blazer!!!!

This picture is the best!! I was so disappointed because I didn’t buy that incredible calendar it would have been the best thing in my room “Chicks Rule”! Come on it just can’t get better, and the girl with the crown you know it girls we’re the best (well guys are mmmm ok but we rule!)
I love this picture I had so much fun that day! I won’t lie I was so scared I felt like the animals were watching me every time I walked or took a zip of my coffee. I am not kidding when am telling you that a goat followed me everywhere ,I wanted to keep him as a pet , but I had a flash back: Americas Funniest Videos have you seen those videos some goats are brutal! So I told my-self “Diana stick to the fish, stick to the fish idea” and I did I left rusty that’s what I called him in his proper place. ( every time I say rusty I think of Brad Pitt and George Clooney)
At the end of the day I had the best veggie burger ever!!
Thanks for reading , hope you have a great day!
And please stay away from goats!
Oh and don’t name them rusty. = -)


Lauren Goddard said...

I love RUSSH magazine! Can never find it over here. Thank you for your lovely comments, you made my day!

x x x

kim said...

barnes and noble is pretty magical, i love to just sit in their and read. That burger looks so good!

you leave the best comments. I really appreciated that little story about coloring your hair you shared with me.

Clothes Are Cute
Clothes Are Cute

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

I love your photos; the colouring is so cool and fantastic.

And that food bubble and burger definitely made me hungry. So, yeah, I think I might head off to satisfy that need (for real!)..

check out mine?

Dylana said...

Love these pics! Glad you had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like wandering around in Barnes & Noble.
I love your outfit!

Style Bird said...

Great photos! The veggie burger looks good.

Elizabeth said...

i love barnes and nobles! bookstores are the best. :)

thanks for letting me know about the hair-dying stuff! i think im just going to dye my hair red one more time then bleach it back to blonde and let it gorw back to my natural color (my natural hair color is about the color of bleach blonde haha)

Jen said...

your blog is so lovely :) and i love trips to barnes & noble. i never get bored there.

Amber said...

Thanks again for your sweet comment!!!!
Love this pictures to!!!!
xoxo amber