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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oldest misconception written in the book of life!

Oh my god last time I was very hungry but I said no I cant eat this(chicken ) because I have (blood pressure cholesterol, arthritis, a cold the flu… name it, no it was because am a vegetarian I don’t call my self a vegan because I occasionally like to indulge in a cup-cake ) but yea I didn’t eat it, and the lady said “why not it doesn’t mater if you have the flu or whatever, you shouldn’t abstain your-self from things you desire including food, darling” ( with a very over done face and obsession by Calvin Klein consuming the only air I had ) now see this is a total and utter sin, if I tell you something it doesn’t mean I want your advise….this is the oldest misconception written in the book of life! If I share something with you like I love winter! I don’t want to hear “oh what a depressing person or what is wrong with you?.” You what to know what’s wrong with me I don’t give unnecessary advice.
by:Diana Dye =-)
This was dedicated to my dear friend she has been going through a very hard patch and I hope this helps her! It just popped in my brain you know me love you!

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Andrea said...

Diana this is a good qoute i really liked it.. u are soo inspiring lol :D thanks for ur hard work DYE :D