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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I WAS 11.....

When you’re 11 and completely uncool because you live with very loving, yet strict parents, pop-culture and certain entertainment is out of your reach…. Fortunate for me I had loads of young cousins who would introduce me to incredible movies… so we would sneak around and enjoy the one and Only Steve! So unhealthy having a crush on a 30 year old guy…. Matilda (Leon The Professional) wasn’t the only one who jumped on the wagon lol!- wasn’t that movie uncomfortable to watch at some point mmmmmm, yea it was hahahaha!
Why cool Steve ? I loved that he was an authentic original (can we say the same about James Dean? Nope we CANT James said in multiple occasions that Marlon Brando was his idol, and  in some way I could see him trying to mimic this bad boy vive. But Steve this guy wouldn’t do Tae Bo, tai chi, yoga, or trendy Hollywood diets, McQueen lived on burgers, Mexican food . A former Marine, he exercised two hours a day, every day; he lifted weights and ran five miles…. Is this why I like running?? Not really, but running is  cool Steve said so hahahahaha!! ." McQ would never use  feminine word ….You may as well put eye shadow on his corpse before comparing him to a softy or sissy boy, I’m 100% sure he would never say the word Sissy loL

He had no "fear" and defended woman in his own way hahaha !!!(we all know he was bad with woman) Even when the news reported that Manson family member Susan Atkins told her fellow inmate that Steve McQueen was a prime target, he didn’t hire bodyguards. The former street gang member didn't need any protection he could take care of his own dirty work. He started carrying a gun and learned martial arts from Pat E. Johnson. Once in the 1960s, he threatened to break Howard Hughes' nose if he didn’t stop bugging Mamie Van Doren… I know I know he wasn’t on his best behavior all the time, but it was for the greater good lol! have you seen Bullitt? The Cars!! The cars in that film leave me breathless… golden years.

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