Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Flash: Don't worry about me, Bats. I'm fine. Nothing I can't run off.

I was listening to piano man this morning and I realize that even back in the 70’s people suffered from heart-breaks and a stressful weary state of mind. Every single person in that song was looking for something and discussing broken dreams, and this generation could also sympathize we sure found out the hard way that dreams don’t always come true and we have to go and buy a one way ticket back to turd land. Love is strange, it isn’t butterflies wearing Prada inside your stomach. We have to see love as a necessity and not a luxury.
This means at times we have to stop talking to people entirely to separate ourself from intimate emotions that perhaps are placed in the wrong person, like that scandalously good-looking guy who wears leather jacket but is an utterly waste of time because he fears commitment. And once you’ve spent time with him you come to the conclusion that his head is thicker than the glossary you work so hard to read every night, and not only is he dumb but selfish he becomes such a bogus and miserable idea of a partner. We know that our caliber is greater, and we even understand that we never again want to date that person!! However that one good facet of who he is keeps drilling into our head, so it’s wise to stop any form of contact. He wasn’t perfect either so think of his flaws and the way he couldn’t handle certain things the right way. Place your attention on people who are worth it like your friends, family and perhaps you end-up falling for a Barry Allen Type and not  Klark Kent.
I also feel like the Great Wall of China stands between love and being IN love with a person. If you are normal like me {or should I say strange} commitment comes first for me and the love part comes after. It’s like you have to think “I have to be exclusive to this one person” and suddenly a strong feeling starts kicking in. Like they say “Commitment often brings out the best qualities in wise folks” I live by that rule! It’s simple you can’t fall in love if you’re not practicing overall love, I want to conclude this post by saying give it time and learn to understand your emotions and please don’t over think anything simply think of the new adventures you’ll have and the wonderful people you’ll meet (wink wink)…

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