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Friday, March 14, 2014

Lasso Of Truth....

People keep bashing on wonder woman! Well not exactly people are having a problem with Gal Gadot, stating that she is not WW material. I know the public established a mold for what wonder woman should look like some consider Gina Carano the perfect match for the part, she’s one beautiful woman. But I think the fans are forgetting something very important Wonder Woman is not about beauty alone, I find it ironic that fans are all worked up on the lack of some physical features { we all know what those are} that Gal lacks but that sort of prejudice is what Wonder Woman tends to fight against in her comics. They can't truly be genuine fans if they think this way!!!! I think Zack had wonder Woman’s personality in mind when he chose Gal as opposed to a woman with more size like Gina or Jaimie. I don’t think he will portray us a comic book wonder woman but a realistic one, an approach to what Amazonians were really like. he doesn't want to place a bunch of wrestlers on screen, he will try something serious, realistic but faithful to the comic. Now, Amazonians weren´t sexual objects of desire but warrior women that can compete against man on the field. I cannot say this enough!!!! I really hate when people talk about wonder Woman as if she’s this doll made for entertainment or worst made to entertain the male viewers! It’s far from that she gave hope to woman of the 60’s and that’s her purpose to inspire woman to be strong, brave and in some sense understand that we alone could be of help and support. I think the issue here is the need to feel accepted, Wonder Woman is a fascinating character and in some way a standard of perfection. Woman all over the world strive to feel like their body type is the ideal, so I understand why a feeling of discrimination could be generated. But regardless of our body type I think we simply want to be accepted for who we are, we must stop comparing oneself to other girls and stop judging woman simply because they have this or do not have that.

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