Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"I'm surrounded by your embrace"

Last weekend was amazing!!! I had a blast……………… I needed that I really did. My mind was chaos and I had something in mind and I truly thought it was the way to go, I thought it was the path to some sort of liberation from my walls. On the contrary it brought doubt and a slow rhythm to my happiness. It’s funny how life works, it’s funny how you think something is right for you, and once you sit and analyze what truly matters and the actions people do define their character. People should never take what they don’t need from me. We at times only see the good in others (well that’s what I tend to do) and forget the wrong they’ve done in the past, I misplaced trust in people that are not even old friends.   Once we see those important details it saves us, I promised myself I would never like/care for someone more than what they like/care for me. I will not let my guard down and strive to complete this promise…… But just when you think those dark inner thought won’t go away, a ray of light breaks through and a warm tender heart saves you from the abyss. Isn’t that comical? Life’s a trip…. In life you will find people who are waiting for you who know that they are the best match for you , maybe because they want to protect you, or maybe because their love is extremely strong. Maybe they even quoted Depeche Mode “I'll be fine I'll be waiting patiently Till you see the signs And come running to my open arms When will you realize Do we have to wait till our worlds collide Open up your eyes You can't turn back the tide”. Regardless of the situation this person made me feel like this… at this moment I could really put my feelings in writing, but this song speaks what I silence… enjoy.

Such an amazing way to start the month.


Andrea Rangel said...

Omg Diana , I love her music , her lyrics , her voice , it's powerful ! I love this song ! Have u heard her song resentment ? It brings me to tears and her song listen ? Ay dios mio , that thing is powerful ! :) I love it doll ! And don't worry Hun ur beautiful , inside and out , and I love ya , dnt u worry honey sooner or later the right one will come along ;)

DIANA DYE said...

Thank you doll! and yes I will/have lol!!! Regardless this makes any girl smile while watching it right? I had a blast last night doll!