Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Redemption isn't a game.

We live a very fast life , At times life feels unstable, I myself have not grounded my roots and do not feel like I found a home I feel something is missing,  I believe some humans have a more spiritual mind , they seek an extreme emotional connection to people and earth. What’s ok for others isn’t remotely close to what they wish to accomplish. This at times if not all  times causes problems with oneself, we already live in a loud noisy state , why make it even harder? Why bring the uncertainty closer to your heart? at times people are not the ones causing friction in your life , its your own  perfectionist ways that cause all the rumbles, Becoming who in reality you wish to be , having the strength to feel happy every day is the hardest thing a human must  do, keep telling yourself this shall all be in  the past is the greatest mission a human soul can execute.
This woman has stood strong for many people, and although I don’t watch much TV , (I have more important books to read), when I do have time, I rather spend it on beneficial and empowering people  broadcast. This short interview with Winona makes me understand not all people in the world are at the place we are and choose to ignore its blessings; other people do not have a chose. Yet they stand strong and do not shun those who lend them a hand and those who have acted shamefully. Like Dean said “ Only the gentle are truly strong” and I stand my grown and continue in the search  of becoming a better human so I myself can find happiness. The story of the Pawnee’s in Nebraska really touched my heart I hope it brought the same understanding to your heart.
 This is dedicated To : Iggy, Carmen, Erni, Sujeyri, Love you all hope to see you soon :)

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Guilty Hyena said...

I couldn't view the video for some reason will have a gander the next time.

I do believe people vary in emotional acumen..which I think is similar to as you say a spiritual mind. My sisters have a similar emotional comprehension as I do and alot of the time we feels it's a blessing but sometimes it seems those who are more unconscious seem to live a much less demanding life.

I can be a perfectionist at improving myself as human being, but all in all just making a concious effort to do that, is sometimes good enough, otherwise I know I'm guilty of being too hard on myself.

Enjoyed your post, don't know whether I made any sense but there you go :)