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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Those who try to be other people, are doomed to be forgotten..............

These Photos are the Original Kurt Cobain and the next set of photos are charming and enchanting; Michael Pitt has incredibly bizarre facial features example; incredible pouty lips and a charming baby face!!
Michael Pitt is a younger version of many of my favorite actors. He refuses to be popular he shares this with Kurt,( I guess this is partly why he was chosen for the role)  and this silence that’s very frustrating I have no idea what’s crossing his mind!!!! Its insane he appears distant and inhuman, but then suddenly a warm smile consumes his face and the mystery carries on. His eyes are those of innocent children and his pouty lips very rare speaking in a female perspective. ….. Please enjoy ♥

Have Fun♥


Amber said...

Oeh I love him!!!!
i still not received the t-shirt:(
there went something wrong i thinK!
everthing ok with you? and with your puppy!?
wanna see a picture:D
x amber

Marta i Albert Mullor. said...

We love him, really really lovely! :)


Il fait beau said...

The dreamers ! <3

jessica wu said...

great inspiration :}


Sena said...

the guy is soooo cute !!
he has really a baby face..

Cassidy said...

Kurt and Courtney forever