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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fantastical underworld of Paris' ....................

Christian, a young Bohemian poet living in 1899 Paris, defies his father by joining the colorfully diverse clique inhabiting the dark, fantastical underworld of Paris' now legendary Moulin Rouge., The poet-innocent finds himself plunged into a passionate but ultimately tragic love to Satine, the club's highest paid star . Their romance is played out against the infamous club -- a meeting place of high and low, where slumming aristocrats and the fashionably rich mingle with workers, artists, bohemians, actresses and courtesans.

A movie full of color and amazing music by The Beatles and David Bowie, The Police and many many more…………… It’s a movie that contains the massage of never giving up on love no matter what. I think this was a modern twist on “Pretty Women” to be honest I cant compare nothing to Julia Roberts but it has a similar Plot (except the death part lol! sorry I spoiled it).

Happy Monday!!!! From Dye♥


Marie said...

Beautiful movie!:D I enjoyed the story, music, and wardrobe!:D

Have a wonderful week, Diana!:D

***** Marie *****

Henry said...

loooove that movie!! have to see it again soon!!

Sena said...

oh i didn't see it but i would like to watch
the movie...
i will write it on the movie-list =P