Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Friday, September 17, 2010

How the darkness calls me and how it gray smiles surround me like the air I don’t see…………………..

This week has been full of strong emotions and regret, I haven’t done anything I regret, but I regret not doing what I know I should do ………..complicated story. Youth is such a black hole full of agony and despair at times, and other moments it’s a ride that I would die to live. The perfect words to describe life would involve words like Beauty, Irony , Friendship , companionship , shy smirks , and misjudged looks. So you many be asking yourself whats Diana talking about well to be honest I have no clue this is the way I feel this morning and I just felt the need to share it with you. In other more exiting news well like I mention before the move was canceled and so the task of unpacking is still current but I want to wish you guys a swell weekend and I’ll provide some weekend inspiration enjoy thank you!!
Perfect bunch, Bona Drag, Ringo , beautiful 60’s Models enjoy!!………Oh and am both a Rocker and a Mod hahahha!! But I love how guys look in Mod cut suits.

Have a good weekend♥


Sena said...

wow i like this post !! the way you described the world and the life is great i enjoyed it ! =)
and the photos are so beatiful but i laughed about the photo wit the text !! =D

Amber said...

totaly true about life!
lovely pictures!
are your really gonna stop with blogging!?:(
so happy that i won!:D,i told my friend about the giveaway and that you are from calofornia! and she was like omg does she have a strip of atomic county!?:P
x amber

t.g.s said...

awww dye don't worry bout it babe we all regret a lot of things and that's the worst part about life is that you regret and want to change things but what makes life great is learning from those mistakes and regrets
hope things are alright
great inspiration post
love youu xx

Albert said...

Love these pictures, so inspiring. Loved this entry!!