Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life - Rachel Carson

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Enchanting lands I must cross and endless roads I must walk through, and dreams I must savor, endless freedom I yet have not obtained ...............

Oh gosh I’ve been feeling extremely confused like that Claritin commercial, you know the one with the lady or lad feeling all woozy and everything they try to see is blurry and distant? _____ oh my dear friends am probably scaring the heck out of you, am not actually that boomed-out am just a bit melodramatic those who know me personally understand. I tend to always say “Haven’t I told you a million times not to do that!" and I also like the phrase "Am starving" or "If this doesn’t happen am going to drop dead right this second" so when I tell you am extremely confused I might just be a little confused lol!!! ____Cali has been extremely hot!! And yes I love summer don’t get me wrong, time well spent at the beach and incredible fruit punch. But my heart will always be devoted to autumn and winter! I love long bike rides during autumn , am wearing my cozy coat and extremely cute hat and the fresh wind caressing my face, drinking coffee while looking at the wind dance with my garden. Winter days when going to the grocery store becomes a mission, and a dim bedroom caused by the cloudy day becomes the perfect theater so silent and enchanted. Am remembering days in which I spent most of my time walking on endless streets reading endless books while reclining in a porch that had a rug of endless green grass while horses smiled back at me (ok maybe they didn’t smile back at me, but thats what I like to think) .Its funny to think that some day I would rather leave my city gal life and dance around the country for all eternity. Obviously this dream is still on hold , not for long Hahahaha........Moving on to something more currant, this Saturday I'll have a little bash for my Friends Victor & Stella  celebrating their wedding anniversary am extremely happy for both!! The're such sweet caring folk and their daughter Victoria is the sweetest with her pink nail polish and her soft hair she's a Modern Claire Standish,Cant wait !!!am sure I’ll have a blast.
Back to the city!

Thanks for reading friends, talk to you soon........... your friend Diana!♥


Amber said...

i totally love the summer!
and most of the time i hate autum and winter! but you make is sound pretty good!:D
serious writing talent you have!
x amber

John Bernal said...

There are always something special about your photos. It seems as though they were taken out of a dream or someone's retrospect.