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Monday, March 15, 2010

Jet Rag!!

Hey dear fellow readers!!! in my past post I talked about the amazing time
I spent in a witty vintage shop in Hollywood!!♥
I found an amazing outfit and incredible vintage flats which I will feature soon yay!
This is my friend Lisa, looking for the It-Dress for a very special occasion and Me trying out an amazing white Dress. The white dress was incredible cute but a bit to warm and well L.A is getting warmer
Every day hhahahaha!
Please do enjoy!!!!
I hope you really enjoyed this post!!
♥Take care all of you!! Have a great Monday!!♥


Jen said...

ahhh there's a ridiculous amount of vintage goodies in these pictures! if only i could reach my hand into these pictures and grab all those clothes :)
and that white dress is so adorable on you.can't wait to see the outfit and flats you scored!

Anonymous said...

looks like you had so much fun! ah I wish there was a shopping place like that in my place. really wanna go there!!!
have a nice day, Dye! :D

S and O said...

that looks like so much fun!!! I'm totally jealous -- hehehe :)

hope your having a good day!


chelsea rebecca said...

OH MY GOODNESS! how fun!! i loooove that dress! did you end up getting it? and all those shoes! i wish i could go there! so adorable! i can't wait to see more pictures! hope your weekend was simply wonderful!

t.g.s said...

omg vintage shops are super in LA
i want to be there
take me with you pleassee haha
i adore that dress
reminds me of alice in wonderland/a tea party

Sena said...

oo i always love your blog. and i love vintage stores too. yesterday i was in a second-hand-shop and i bought me a black dress.i'll show you it but i want to see your white dress and your flats too !!! =)

i can imagine how great it is in this shop everywhere are nice and vintage things, i can't get enough vintage so you feel the same ? =)

so i enjoyed your post and i wish you a very great day my sweetheart=) =**

Sezen. said...

The dress ist really cute!I want it!xo xo.

Mary Margaret said...

i've been on a white dress rampage i can't seem to see one without it dragging me to the cash register! love that one though!

Breshna & Rona said...

great store! I wish we had something like that over here. (Maybe we do but still can't find it)

& thnx for your lovely comments dear!
xx Rona & Breshna

Amber said...

Nice pictures girl!
Love for vintage!
x amber

kim said...

that store looks amazing!

clothes are cute
clothes are cute

the real mia said...

Oooh I'm gonna have to check out this vintage shop. I do so need a new spring frock.

isadora gometti said...

thanksss a lot diana..

whats your city?

Anonymous said...

great post Diana :)
me encanata tu blog:)
me gusta ese estilo vintage que tiene
me ispira mucho aunque tengamos estilos diferentes:)

Monique said...

Lovely colorful ! And lovely white dress!


kate maggie said...

that looks like my dream store! wow lucky you :) Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

vintagee shoppinggggg fave thing to do in the whole wide worlddd. that and thriftingg

Hillary said...

Oooooohhhh, I can't wait until I'm back in Los Angeles this summer! Best vintage shopping ever!