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Thursday, March 25, 2010

And I couldn’t resist!!! I cant wait for 2012 to come....

On Thursday night, many people may look up at the sky and ask, "What's that bright star next to the moon?"
The answer for Thursday night is Mars, but that answer changes night by night as the moon travels along the ecliptic, the path that the sun, moon and planets follow across the sky. If you ask the question again on March 29, the answer will be the ringed planet Saturn.
Such conjunctions of the moon and planets are regular reminders of how rapidly the moon moves across the sky.
Mars was in opposition to the sun on Jan. 29, when it appeared 14 arcseconds in diameter, one-120th of the diameter of the moon. Two months later, it is much farther away, and has shrunk to only 10 arcseconds in diameter.
This will be your last chance to get a good look at Mars until it approaches the Earth again in 2012.

If you have MSN as your homepage I am  sure you read this….and I couldn’t resist!!! I had to do it, yes I had to stay up late with loads of coffee and witness this amazing and wonderful gift . Plus I had a wonderful conversation with Ian he was telling me about this Documentary on Dolphin cruelty, we had a long discussion…. It was a bit cold outside but we still had a blast it was very unfortunate I wasn’t prepared, I don’t own a telescope and I felt so bad for not having one today (sad face) but we still managed using some vernaculars it really didn’t make a difference but it helped set the mood….but I had a blast♥
I hope many of you enjoyed this, if you did please feel free to share

♥Have a great night or a wonderful morning


Marie said...

Red lips look so good on you!:D I just really had to say that!:D
...and everything girly under the sun!

Anonymous said...

awesome experience!
I really wish I could see it too

chelsea rebecca said...

oh wow!! so incredible!!
one time i tried to stay up late and i couldn't do it!! it was about 3 am and i had to call it a night and go to bed! haha.
as always you have such wonderful and beautiful photos!! and i love the red lips!

Emma Jade said...

Oh i didnt know about this!! Wish I had! Once I went out the back of the restaurant when i was waitressing and the moon was red.. i went back to the kitchen and told everyone who slowly started to follow me until the whole restaurant was in the tiny back porch, dont know how it had slipped past everyone that there was a lunar eclipse that night! magical :)

Sena said...

what a great post !! i love it that you share these things with your readers !!
i think it is very interesting !!
thank you.
and i love your photos my friend
have a great evening.
<3 =)

Amber said...

Nice girl!
Thanks for your sweet comment again!
I wiss i could see it!
Looks like a fun night!

x amber

Henry said...

how cool!!hope I will experience something like that too!!

Jayne said...

This is so groovy! Glad you had a blast! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, girlie, and also - you have some bombsauce lipstick from what I can tell in that picture. I highly approve.

xoxox, Jayne

Breshna & Rona said...

so cool you saw Mars!! awesome!
xx rona & breshna

Hillary said...

I love astronomy! In fact, I have two telescopes. I wish I could have shared them with you! <3

Aya Smith said...

Such interesting effects on these photos! I love the colors :))

Aya ( Strawberry Koi Blog )

mel said...

awesome! and i wish i could stay up late to see saturn on monday!
events like this always make me feel so small in such a vast universe. i love it :)
hope you're having a great weekend!

betz said...

how cool! thanks for sharing it dye. i'm gonna try to see saturn.


Anonymous said...

i don't blame you for not adding lots of sugar or creamer to your coffee - it's best that way!

cute blog, btw! and thanks for becoming a follower of mine :)