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Friday, November 20, 2009

Pancakes? or stress Help?

Ouch thing is hot!! Yea that was me yesterday afternoon I was making some delicious pancakes. Yea but to make my task complicated I didn’t have mix powder and rice milk. So how am I supposed to make pancakes? I went to the store and got what I was looking for. Still my pancakes were very thin and creepy they never look that way, even if I don’t use egg, regular milk and regular butter they’re always pretty nice and fluffy, don’t know what happened yesterday. Plus my cat Rusty was gone (not really gone but you know). Plus a simple question can you really have such a time consuming job? Yea you can! My teachers would always tell me “take advantage of school cuz once your out you’re fun is over” had no idea it was completely true, that guy was a genius! I think that’s the reason my pancakes turned out flat, I blame it on stress and compromising or synchronizing with others. It’s a way of life but I think I spice it-up a bit every time I have my soy latte, or maybe the caffeine makes me go koo koo!! Hahahaha!!

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Andrea said...

HAHA diana u will be ok with ur job even though it does take some of ur time, and i think everybody get stress once in a while but i bet u will be okey dokey DYE lol